Fibre Formula Tri-Pack

Fibre Formula Tri-Pack

S$145.50 S$111.00

The Fibre Plus™ Formula is a high-quality fiber supplement enhanced with the Indigold® formula, designed to gently and safely remove toxic impurities while energizing the colon. This ultimate cleansing system is effective in detoxifying the body, boosting overall vitality, and promoting a healthy digestive system. Each sachet, packed with the natural goodness of vegetable and fruit fiber, is easy to consume and suitable for vegans. Regular consumption of Fibre Plus™ can lead to healthier bowel movements, a more balanced digestive system, and reduced intake of carbohydrates, sugar, and fats.

Now available in a special bundle of five boxes, the original price of S$145.50 is discounted to S$111.00, making it an economical choice for large families or those interested in reselling in smaller quantities.

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