Indigold® Formula

Indigold® Formula

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Indigold® is a nucleotide-peptide complex responsible for the production of proteins, enzymes and energy at the cellular level. A key ingredient in Indigo Lifestyle's Whole Food Series, it rapidly increases cell energy and helps to revitalize cells, repair and restore them to full health. As a result, we look and feel younger and become recharged physiologically and mentally. Indigold® is the key to bringing a holistic balance to our health in a completely natural, safe and effortless way.

Indigold® helps to protect us against premature aging of the body and mind.


Energy from Nature

Super Green Food of the 21st Century

Special Formulation

Indigold® was created by Indigo Lifestyle’s experts and specialists as the most beneficial source of energy for the human body. Since then, it has enabled thousands of users to regain youth and vitality. Today, as we look into the 21st century, among the revolutionary all-natural and complete food products specially created for Indigo Lifestyle’s clients, Indigold® is the main active component.

Essentially, Indigold® is a nucleotide-peptide complex. It plays a critical role in the production of proteins, enzymes and energy at the cellular level. This allows it to stimulate cell activity and to enhance cell replication.

From the day Indigold® was launched, many have experienced Indigold®’s astounding cell activation power and thousands of users bear testimony to its effectiveness. Therefore, if you belong to the management level and tend to over-entertain, over-work and are full of goals and ambitions, you have to find out how Indigold® easily helps someone like you.

Why do you need Indigold®?

Modern lifestyles have led us far away from the purity of nature. As we pursue material comforts and easy lives, improvements in technology have also made us lazier. We need to work long hours in harmful environments and polluted cities. Most of us lack exercise.

We eat too much, too fast and we consume junk food, even though we know that they cause us serious harm. We have become slaves to the economy and prisoners of urban pollution.

Do you often feel that you lack energy for no good reason?
Do you sometimes feel unwell and have aches and pains?
Do you simply blame all this on long-term stress?
Do you long for liberation and to regain your youth?

The answer may very well be: You need Indigold® !

Major Benefits

Indigold® is rich in the essence of DHA, which is extracted from algae that contains natural DHA. DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is the key component of the Omega-3 family of fatty acids. It plays a critical role in the growth of the brain and nervous system. DHA makes up 43% of the total mass of fatty acids in algae (it can be obtained even in non-optimal growth environments), while common high-quality fish oils only contain about 30% fatty acids.

Indigold®’s unique properties, naturally strengthens the body’s immune system and helps to protect us against premature aging of the body and mind.

Aids the control of cholesterol and glucose

Aids the conversion of acidic into alkaline bodies

Aids the detoxification process

Promotes protein synthesis

Balances fat metabolism

Increases metabolism, rapidly relieves fatigue

Suitable for Vegan

Direction of Use

1 to 2 capsules daily in the morning before meal.

* For best results: Eat more fruits & vegetables, less meat & fish and drink more water.

  • Chlorella Sorokiniana Extract
  • Crypthecodinium Cohnii
  • Spirulina Extract

Individually packed sachets ensure Insulated freshness & Versatility

  • 4 sachets per box
  • 10 capsules per sachet
  • 380mg per capsule

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