Fibre Plus™ Formula

Fibre Plus™ Formula

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Fibre Plus™ Formula is the only natural, high-quality fibre supplement with Indigold® formula that safely and gently removes toxic impurities while energising the colon. The Ultimate Cleansing System, Fibre Plus™ Formula effectively rids accumulated toxins off your body while boosts the body's overall vitality. Bursting with the natural goodness and flavor of vegetable and fruit fibre, one sachet each night before bedtime is all it takes.

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unhealthy colon leads to

Premature aging!

Fibre Plus can help

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The Foundation of Our Well-being: The Colon

The state of our colon is a significant indicator of our overall health. The well-being of our colon is directly influenced by the food we consume daily. When our diet is compromised, and we lead a sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to issues like constipation. As waste accumulates in our bowel system, nutrient absorption from our food diminishes. Instead of gaining the benefits of our meals, we might be introducing more toxins into our system, initiating a detrimental cycle that impacts our entire body.

Are you suffering from any or a combination of these symptoms?
Abdominal bloating or indigestion
Exertion or straining when expelling stool
Irregular or painful bowel movements
Sluggish, low energy level

Your colon could be in dire need of cleansing and detoxification, and Fibre Plus can help.

Fast, Effective and Safe

Many of the diseases in our bodies today are due to improper functioning of the colon. Nutrients are absorbed into our body through the walls of our colon and these nutrients ensure that we have a healthy immune system, healthy organs and energy. When your colon becomes encrusted with toxic waste that has not been purged out of the body, your ability to absorb essential nutrients becomes greatly impaired.

Fibre Plus™ formula is a high fibre formulation that detoxifies, cleanses and balances all in one action.

Major Benefits.

Encourages healthy bowel movements

Cleanses while energising the colon

Helps build a more balanced digestive system

Reduces carbohydrates, sugar & fats intake

Tasty and easy to consume

Fast, effective, safe

Suitable for Vegan

How to consume?

Take 1 sachet before sleep and 1 sachet in the morning if necessary.

1. Pour contents into a shaker with 150 ml of room temperature water
2. Shake well
3. Consume fast

* For best results: eat more fruits & vegetables, less meat & fish and drink more water.


Chlorella Sorokiniana, Indigold® *, Chlorophyll Powder, Citric Acid, Fructose, Guar Gum, Carrot Powder, Lemon Powder, Tomato Powder, Malto Dextrin, Psyllium Husk

*Include Chlorella Extract, Spirulina Extract, and Crythecodinium Cohnii.

Caution: if you are nursing or pregant, consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.


Individually packed sachets ensure Insulated freshness & Versatility

  • 10 grams per sachets
  • 30 sachets per box

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