Whole Food Series

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Whole Food Series

100% Pure & Natural

Indigo Lifestyle's Whole Food Series is the most comprehensive range of nutritional product in the market. The products in the whole food series of our company consist of only 100% pure and natural plant food. These incredible foods are simple, fast-acting, effective and free from side effects. They can be consumed by adults, children, and even infants and pregnant women. Therefore, our Indigo Lifestyle Whole Food Series of products aim not only to make you feel more vitalised but also help the young ones become a healthier and smarter generation.


All products in Whole Food Series are focused on one single purpose to bring a better quality of life to people around the world, by using the safest, most natural and most holistic approach. Indigo Lifestyle Whole Food Series, Indigold®, Vplus® and Fibre Plus™ Formula will balance your internal body functions and needs, making this set of products the most complete food for your body!

Picture of Indigold® Formula

Indigold® Formula

S$375.00 S$319.00

Picture of Vplus® Formula

Vplus® Formula

S$145.00 S$112.00

Picture of Vplus® Family

Vplus® Family

S$427.00 S$362.00

Picture of Fibre Plus™ Formula

Fibre Plus™ Formula

S$59.00 S$48.50

Picture of Starter Pack

Starter Pack

S$579.00 S$438.00