PuriV™ Premium Water Purification System

PuriV™ Premium Water Purification System

S$1,269.00 S$899.00

PuriV™ (pronounced as Puri-5 or Purify) premium water purification system converts your tap water into High Energy Living Water or π water with its 5-channel filter elements and 10 layer filtration technology. Thus giving you clean, energized water filled with beneficial minerals and bringing you better health and longevity.

Cost less than S$1.00 per day for the entire family.

Limited Time: FREE installation & faucet.

FREE with this purchase

Eco-friendly, no boiling needed and save money too

Major benefits

  • Thoroughly cleanses the body with living water, removes waste products

  • Thoroughly filters out and removes germs, thus preventing the harm caused by residing germs

  • Filters out all kinds of pollutants, prevent diseases of unknown causes

  • Activates and purifies, suitable for both drinking and cleansing

  • Socket-free, no wasting of water, economical and environmentally friendly

  • Strict in material selection, quality guarantee, ergonomic design, and easy installation

  • Creative technology

  • World-recognised filters

  • Easy to replace filters that are cost-effective

  • High water flow rate compared to other filters


Sink Top Installation

  • Completely self-installable
  • No special tools required
  • Setup within minutes

Under Sink Installation

  • Very Neat
  • Easy to maintain
  • Convenient, simply turn on goose nect tap for a nice glass of purified water
Note: installation of goose neck tap is available at a nominal charge, please call our customer service for further assistance.