Chlorella Sorokiniana

Chlorella Sorokiniana

Healing Power From Nature

In the world of health and nutrition, chlorella has earned its place as a favorite. It's been around for more than thirty years, and people love it for the rich mix of proteins, vitamins, and amino acids it offers. But within the big family of chlorella, there's a special member that's starting to get a lot of attention: Chlorella Sorokiniana.

When you look at algae, Chlorella Sorokiniana, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, and Spirulina are often talked about. While they share some family traits, each one brings something different to the table. The next section will dive into a side-by-side comparison, helping you understand what sets each of them apart and what makes Chlorella Sorokiniana stand out.

Table 1. Chlorella Sorokiniana versus chlorella pyrenoidosa & spirulina

FeatureChlorella SorokinianaChlorella PyrenoidosaSpirulina
Color Green-blue Green Blue-green
Shape Oval Round Spiral
Cell size 7-10 microns 3-5 microns 300-500 microns
Nutritional content CGF, chlorophyll, phycocyanin CGF, chlorophyll Phycocyanin, Vitamin B, trace chlorophyll
Highlights Very thin cell membrane, absorption rate by human body almost 100% Very thick cell wall, absorption rate by human body about 60-70%, cell wall helps to filter heavy metals Thick cell wall, absorption rate by human body about 80%, cell wall helps to filter heavy metals

Looking at the table, it becomes evident that Chlorella Sorokiniana is the superior micro-algae. Its thin cell-wall facilitates easier digestion and nutrient absorption, while its Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) content accentuates its health-promoting properties. These attributes, combined with its dense nutritional profile, position Chlorella Sorokiniana at the forefront of algal health supplements.

An In-depth Look at Chlorella Sorokiniana

The Rapidly Reproducing Powerhouse

Chlorella Sorokiniana, an oval-shaped unicellular algae, stands as an exemplar in the microcosmic world. While it shares notable attributes with its counterpart, traditional chlorella, its dimensions of approximately 7 – 10µ require keen observation under a microscope with 600x magnification. Unlike the blue-green algae like Spirulina, both Chlorella variants are distinguished by their genuine nucleus, acting as a cellular command center. When exposed to optimal conditions marked by abundant sunlight and a nutrient-rich environment, Chlorella Sorokiniana unveils its extraordinary reproductive capability. It can astoundingly multiply itself 3 to 4 times in a mere 24-hour span. This rapid proliferation, where a single cell can burgeon into 24 cells within a day, not only showcases its inherent vitality but also accentuates the potency of Chlorella Sorokiniana's nucleic acids, pivotal in cellular replication and rejuvenation.

A Complete, Balanced Life Form

Chlorella Sorokiniana is not just another strain of chlorella; it's a marvel of nature. This unique species stands out as a growth-active unicellular plant. Unlike many other organisms, each cell in Chlorella Sorokiniana is a self-contained, complete life body, encapsulating a harmonious blend of all the essential nutrients needed to sustain life. But what truly sets Chlorella Sorokiniana apart is the concentration and balance of these nutrients. It's not just about the high nutritional value; it's the remarkable equilibrium in which these nutrients are presented. This balance ensures that the body receives a well-rounded dose of vitamins, minerals, and other vital compounds, optimizing health benefits and ensuring better absorption.

Super Nutrient Composition

Comprising 50-60% protein, balanced amino acid composition, and especially high in nucleic acids, Chlorella Sorokiniana is an ideal nutrient source for vegetarians. It also provides methylcobalamin—the most readily absorbed form of B12—B6, minerals, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, and essential trace elements and enzymes.


Its unique, thin cell membrane ensures easy digestion, allowing the human body to readily absorb its nutrient-packed contents.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine...

- Hippocrates (ancient Greek physician)
Chlorella Sorokiniana as Food

Chlorella Sorokiniana's nutritional prowess makes it a highly sought-after food source. Grown in pristine, non-GMO, pesticide-free freshwater ponds, it thrives in environments that ensure optimal sunlight exposure throughout all growth stages. These exacting conditions guarantee the production of high-quality specimens brimming with nutritional value.

The Magic of Chlorophyll

Chlorella Sorokiniana's acclaim as a health powerhouse can be largely attributed to its unmatched chlorophyll content, significantly outclassing even alfalfa. Chlorophyll plays a pivotal role in photosynthesis, allowing plants to harness energy from light. Beyond its crucial role in plants, chlorophyll offers numerous health benefits for humans, including detoxification and bolstering the immune system.

Why Chlorella Sorokiniana Remains Elusive

Chlorella is a well-recognized superfood, but its strain, Chlorella Sorokiniana, is less known. This isn't due to its benefits, but the challenges in cultivating it. This specific strain requires advanced techniques for optimal growth, making it less accessible. However, with evolving technology, we're starting to unveil the true potential of Chlorella Sorokiniana, hinting at a promising future for this hidden gem.

Vplus Formula and Chlorella Sorokiniana: A Match Made in Nature

The Vplus Formula, with Chlorella Sorokiniana at its heart, stands as a testament to nature's nutritional prowess. This combination alone offers an array of health benefits. However, when paired with the antioxidant-rich Spirulina Platensis and the energy-boosting Indigold—a unique blend of Chlorella Sorokiniana extract, Spirulina extract, and Crythecodinium Cohnil—the formula becomes even more potent. Together, these ingredients solidify the Vplus Formula as a holistic solution for those seeking enhanced health and vitality.


Chlorella Sorokiniana is not merely another health supplement. With its unparalleled attributes as a nutrient-rich food, a prime source of chlorophyll, and the unique Chlorella Growth Factor, it's poised to become a mainstay in the world of natural health solutions.

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