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All natural soap


Indigo Lifestyle organic herbal soap are 100% plant based and every bar is made with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients. We add no artificial substances to our soaps, such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, and where possible, we use organically grown products. Our purely herbal soap is scented with essential oils only and colored with organic herbs and plant extracts only. The soap base recipe is made from 100% certified organic oils. Our products contain no parabens. Your skin will know the difference after using our soap.


Product Benefits

  • One of the basic and most important advantages is that organically produced soaps do not contain chemicals that get absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin
  • Organic soaps are generally not tested on animals. The all-natural organic substances in soap are easy on sensitive skin, and can soothe the reactions
  • Natural & Organic soaps don't cause the dry feeling that you can experience with commercial, non-organic soaps
  • It will also make your skin soft since they contain the ingredients that work as the natural hydrants for your skin
  • You will psychologically feel satisfied that you are using a natural product that is free from chemicals and you know that you're doing a good thing for yourself & your family.
  • Organically produced soaps have natural and organic ingredients and is friendly to our environment. Reducing toxins in one area helps your overall living environment.

Once you start using an St. Louise Organic Soap, you will never want to use a commercial soap again. These soaps are the best way to clean your skin naturally. The commercial skin care products contain certain harsh toxins that have been linked to cancer. You surely do not want to use such products on a regular basis.


Using organic soap is the best way to support healthy living. Additionally you get to protect and nourish your skin.


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